It is our goal to make sure that every customer leaves Brake Tech with a positive experience. If you have a concern regarding your experience at Brake Tech, immediately contact the Manager of that store. The Manager will make every reasonable effort to make the situation right for you.
If you are having a problem with the vehicle's operation, please call the Manager of the store where the repairs were done. The Manager will schedule the vehicle as soon as possible. If an emergency should occur while you are traveling, please call any Brake Tech to help you find the nearest location.
All warranty work must be completed by Brake Tech. We cannot authorize our warranty work to be done by another firm.  Doing so will void any warranty with Brake Tech, and refunds will not be issued for outside work.

Brake Tech Transferable Warranty
Brake Tech 24,000 Mile / 2 year: Brake Tech will repair or replace any parts it has installed if shown to be defective within 90 Days or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Brake Tech 24,000 Mile / 2 year: When you purchase warranted brake pads and/or brake shoes, as indicated by a warranty on your corresponding invoice, said brake pads and/or brake shoes are warranted by Brake Tech. The initial warranty period is Brake Tech 24,000 Mile / 2 year
This limited warranty does not cover a labor charge at the prevailing rates for installation of other parts that affect installed parts. Warranty does not cover noise, or performance problems that may be a result of calipers, rotors, hardware, cylinders, or other parts that have not been purchased at Brake Tech. The Brake Tech shop must restore the entire braking system to its proper operating condition. This limited warranty does not include additional parts and labor that may be required to do so, including, without limitation, the cost of rotors, drums or other braking parts and labor to install them. If you do not authorize all of the parts and labor required to restore the entire braking system to its proper operating condition, including, without limitation, the installation of other required parts, you will receive non-installed and non-warranted brake pads and/or brake shoes, as applicable, and this limited warranty shall immediately become null and void. This limited warranty does not apply to parts that are not purchased and/or installed by a Brake Tech shop. No part or labor is warranted if damaged by commercial type service or use, including but not limited to: abusive treatment, towing, deliveries, public transport or real estate showing.
All special order parts that are prepaid prior to order and installation will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, in the event of order cancellation.