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Brake Pads Standard
Parts and Labor - Install new Standard Quality Brake Pads • Front or Rear • Includes Parts and Labor

Brake Pads Ceramic
Parts and Labor -Install new Ceramic brake pads, low dust, the quieter, “one-piece” brake pads. Such as Wagner features Integrally Molded Sound Insulator that integrates the friction material, backing plate and insulator into a single high strength component. The application-specific design spreads out heat, sound and vibration over a much larger surface area for quieter operation. A unique application-specific laser-shaped friction optimizes pad-to-rotor interface for better braking performance. Wagner or equivalent.

Rotor Standard
Standard Rotor. Rotors that are grooved, worn edges and hot spots are to be replaced and putting fresh pads on grooved rotors is going to wear the pads faster, like a cheese grater. Using those grooved brake rotors could also cause your wheels to wobble once you add new brake pads. Brake rotors are metal discs that are attached to the axles of a vehicle. friction also causes the disc to wear out, and to need replace. Rotors may need to be replaced due to damage or excessive wear below a specified limit, depending on miles driven and driving conditions (heat, dirt, sand, rocks, road salt, etc.). Plus Labor to Install.

Pad Return Springs Clips
Standard Caliper spring return hardware, helps in releasing the brake pad from the spinning rotor after you release the pedal. Spring hardware that is old contributes to the brake pad dragging on the rotor, even when you are not braking. Price is front or rear. Brake hardware consists of all the supporting components in, on and around the calipers and pads that help properly align the brake pads or shoes and retract them away from the rotor or drum for smooth, reliable, quiet and efficient brake performance.

Brake Fluid Exchange
Remove old brake fluid from system. Brake fluid is to be changed every 2 years, as it deteriorates and decomposes wheel cylinders, calipers, and master cylinders. Overheated brake fluid can boil in the caliper. Boiling produces gas bubbles within any boiling fluid. Dirty brake fluid will cause master cylinder and calipers to stick, leaving your brake pads rubbing with your foot off the pedal.

Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid to fill at typical car or lite truck.

Rotor with Bearing
Rotor with wheel bearing already pressed in. Installation of Rotor is additional.

Brake Shoes Standard
Brake Shoes and Labor to install brake shoes inside drum. Brake return spring hardware additional Includes Shoes and Installation. Recommend new Brake Hardware return springs Release the emergency brake before starting Improperly installed brakes can be dangerous. Remove the brake drum and inspect the brake assembly for signs of leakage. Leaky wheel cylinders must be replaced. Clean everything with brake cleaner. Allow cleaner to dry, remove the top return springs. Remove the hold down spring assemblies Remove the brake shoe return spring. Remove the assembly that captures the adjuster, then the adjuster itself Remove the shoes and emergency brake cable clip Clean the backing plate with brake cleaner. Allow to dry. Apply a light film of high-temp grease to the flat spots where the shoes contact the backing plate. Reverse the disassembly process using the new hardware and springs Reinstall the drum. Adjust the brakes by turning the adjusting star and the drum at the same time until you hear the shoes contact the drum.

Shoe Return Springs Hardware
Return spring hardware that hold down the brake shoes, and pull them off the drum, when pedal is released, the hold down springs that hold the shoes against the backing plates are often badly corroded. If they break, the debris can jam itself between the shoe and drum causing the brake to drag or bind. Drum brakes usually have some type of self-adjuster mechanism inside to maintain minimum clearances between the drum and shoes. As the shoes wear, brake pedal travel would increase were it not for the adjusters. Like the other hardware inside a drum, the adjusters are prone to corrosion and sticking. New adjusters can assure proper brake operation. Adjuster springs, which help maintain tension on the adjusters so they can compensate for lining wear. Maintains proper movement for safe, effective stopping performance.

Wheel Cylinder
Wheel cylinder and labor to install when replacing brake shoes. Wheel cylinder can leak from brake fluid that has not been changed as per car specifications The wheel cylinder consists of a cylinder that has two pistons, one on each side. Each piston has a rubber seal and a shaft that connects the piston with a brake shoe. When brake pressure is applied, the pistons are forced out pushing the shoes into contact with the drum. two single piston wheel cylinders, one at the top of the drum and one at the bottom, each connected to one brake shoe. Wheel cylinders must be rebuilt or replaced if they show signs of leaking Includes Wheel Cylinder and Labor to install.

Drum Standard
Brake Drum for rear of standard vehicle brake drums are found in the rear wheels. This is primarily because of their relatively low cost and the ability for a parking brake to adhere to them. Like all brake system components on a car, they wear down from time to time and need to be replaced. Brake parts should never be allowed to fail. Rather, timely repair and/or replacement is always the best course of action. There are two signs that your brake drums need to be replaced, indicated by noise and feeling. As brake shoes wear down, they start to squeal each time you apply the brakes. This may either indicate the need to resurface the interior of the drums or replace the shoes. Grinding means that metal is rubbing against metal. The shoes have worn down sufficiently to be digging into the interior of the drum. At worst, both shoes and drums will have to be replaced when this happens Plus Labor to Install.

Caliper Service
When you back off the brakes, the piston retracts slightly and the caliper releases pressure on the pads. But if the caliper binds on the slide pins, the brake pads wear unevenly and quickly. Binding is a very common problem. But that doesn't mean you have to replace the calipers we can repair the old one. Labor to take apart guide pins and caliper hardware and clean lubricate and re assemble. Rather than purchase a new caliper, we may be Able to save it with servicing it. We recommend new caliper hardware as an addition to proper service. The caliper piston pushes the inboard pad outward until it touches the rotor. ... When you back off the brakes, the piston retracts slightly and the caliper releases pressure on the pads. But if the caliper binds on the slide pins, the brake pads wear unevenly and quickly. Binding is a very common problem.

Clean & Adjust Brakes
Periodic adjustment of the drum brakes makes sure that the brakes do not drag when driving as this can rob power from the vehicle and cause the brakes to wear out much more quickly. Drum brakes usually need to be adjusted when the brake pedal has to be pressed down a lot before the brakes engage. Adjustments can be done only on brakes that are in good shape.

Service Call
Cost to send Mechanic Crew to home or business to repair your car. Covers mechanics car and gas, and you do not have to sit in a waiting room. Convenience of coming out to you, cost for truck and gasoline. We do not charge anything to come out and inspect your car, only charge if you agree to repair.

Car Batteries
Available for purchase. We can also install them for you.

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Note: We do not perform cosmetic services (Ex: Painting calipers)


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